Don’t go chasing waterfalls

I don’t know about you guys but the semester is winding down so quickly that we are all losing track of time and probably beginning to lose your mind. Well, I am here to help you manage your time and get off on the right foot for the next 22 days of the semester (until May 1st). I want you to avoid chasing waterfalls! Some tips I have to offer you are:

1.) Make to-do lists everyday: accomplish smaller tasks before tackling a larger one. If you do the smaller little assignments it will help you focus on the bigger picture.

2.) Keep your work with you: if you are traveling or have a busy schedule try to keep something to do with you at all the time. Who knows when you can get a smaller assignment done, right? Also you can chip away at larger assignments.

3.) Don’t be afraid to say no: This is the biggest thing that you need to know about managing your time. If someone asks you to hang out and you have a big assignment the next day, I hope you’d pick your assignment! Just know no one can get mad at you because they should be focusing on school too! Like the title says, don’t go chasing waterfalls! 

4.) Find your productive time: do your best to get work done when you are most prepared. Some days it might be early, other days it might be later. Do what’s best for your schedule and brain!

5.) Create a dedicated study time: try shutting your phone off and putting the petal to the metal to get your work done! Do this as much as you can, as often as you can, and I have full confidence you will get the semester done with fast than you think!

6.) Budget your time: create a schedule for the rest of the semester with due dates and work towards a goal, if you have a larger assignment, to break up the work. This will help you remain calm during finals time and you will be much more successful.

7.) Don’t get sidetracked: use that previous tip of making a to-do list and get going! You can do it, especially if you are driven to getting everything accomplished in a short amount of time!

8.) Get a good night’s sleep: do your best to sleep at least 8 hours a night. You want to remain refreshed and be on top of your game!

Overall guys, you need to find what works for you! Don’t get too sidetracked but do your best to keep yourself moving in the right direction. Try your best to avoid the all-nighters and becoming unhealthy during this stressful time of the semester. As always, the FYE office is in Meier 115 and we are here to help! Good luck! 22 more days!

Check out this site for more specific tips:


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