As many of you might not know, this past Sunday April 6, 2014 was Accepted Students Day. There were so many new and perspective students, and every single one was an amazing enthusiastic person, however many of them had a similar concern; They were afraid of entering Salem State’s community and finding themselves on the outside, without friends, and without a place to become comfortable in. This is a fear we all go through, and it is something we have experienced when we ourselves first arrived at Salem State.

Coming into a new school and a new town where there isn’t a single soul that knows you, is terrifying, and intimidating, but worth while.  This is an opportunity to mark your own path, no one can say that you made this choice for someone else, you made this choice for yourself and it is the first of many choices you will make. You will find that breaking away from your friends and family back home will open you up for so many amazing opportunities, and you will grow and change and learning will become exciting and fun. This is not to say that you forget your roots, and those that have supported you and have backed you every step of the way, this separation can and will strengthen your bond.

This process is frightening and at times overwhelming, we all know this, we have all gone through this, and we have all grown from it. Because of this, we can and should take the opportunity to extend a warm welcoming hand to students that come in after us. With this community out reach, we can form a new tradition at Salem State, one that can be passed on to generations to come.


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