Friends or Homework?

One of the worst dilemmas that I STILL have to deal with now is getting my priorities straight! I’ll admit, I’m not perfect and I struggle balancing my homework and friends AND being in a relationship. The end of the semester is coming in fast; there are term papers, projects, and exams that are looming over our heads. For me, I have three 10 page term papers due in two weeks that require extensive research. However, I have friends that want to see me over the weekend and one boyfriend that wants to spend the whole weekend with me. It’s hard balancing and dealing with all these things. “What do I do then? I don’t want to ignore the people in my life and do work, that’s boring!” My answer to your question is to learn how to balance and make a few sacrifices. That doesn’t mean breaking up with a significant other (if you have one) and telling all your friends that you never want to see them again. If your friends (or significant other) really care about you, they should respect your decisions to actually take charge of your school work and get it done with no distractions from them. If they won’t take no for an answer then they are not very good friends to begin with. Once you are free and able to go and study or write that essay, make sure you are in a spot with little or no distractions around you so you can focus. Chewing gum is one great tip to keep you focused and on task and helps blood flow to the brain. Another great tip is drinking plenty of water, it not only keeps you hydrated and helps blood flow to the brain easier for quick thinking. Finally, try running in place or doing jumping jacks when you are getting tired or can’t think. Once again, it’s all about getting blood flowing to the brain.     


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