What to Know When You First Get to College.

As many of our incoming first year students know, this Saturday is an Accepted Students Day. Which means any student who has been accepted to attend Salem State next fall can come to the University, and start to get a feel for things. As a First Year Mentor, at these events I get asked a lot of questions. I think that as a first year student the most important thing you can do is ask a lot of questions. By asking questions, you get answers. It seems like a simple thought, but a lot of things can deter you from doing so. For instance being afraid of the answer might make you to afraid to ask the question, or you might not have¬† the confidence to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them the strangest question. These are typical struggles that every young adult faces. But in learning how to deal with the struggles, you will gain the confidence to become successful on campus. So to answer the question: What do you need to know when you first get to college? Nothing. It’s that simple, you don’t need to know everything you just need to be willing to learn. The more you question, the more you will learn, and then you will be able to become a shining star in your first year at college.


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