No matter what year you are, it is important to check out career services in the Ellison campus center! They help both undergraduate and graduate students gain skills that are needed in the work field and also helps students take charge of their own career! If you are unsure of what career you want to do, they will give you a self-assessment of your interests, skills, and much more so you are able to make a clear, contentious decision of your career path. Want to see what the job market is like? Need help looking for a job when you graduate or searching for a graduate school that is perfect for you? Career services also helps you search for the answer these questions with their extensive knowledge and data. But it doesn’t stop there! Not only do they help you search for those questions you may have but also give you the skills to search for jobs that you need. More importantly, keep your eyes open for career services events such as career fairs. By going to career fairs, you are surrounded by professionals that will help you open the door to job and internship opportunities. Just make sure to dress like a professional and bring a resume.

Speaking of resume, I had my first experience at career services when learning how to build my resume. It was really easy to set one up and I was given sample resumes and step-by-step instructions on how to make one. I was able to build my resume with help and they were eager to answer any questions I had about building mine. When it was time to leave the office I was told that I can send my resume to the office to be edited and if I had any other questions, to visit, call, or email them during their hours. I definitely recommend going to career services if you need any help with jump-starting your future. Here’s the link to their page that gives you all of their information and how to contact them.

-Sarah M.



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