Don’t make the same mistake twice

I am sure that everyone is tired of hearing about registration, picking classes, advisor appointments, etc. However, I want to offer you some advice before next semester comes around and you’re like, “why am I taking another 8am?” Of course, everyone is going to their classes at 8am, right?! I hope so! But try to think about what you like and dislike about your schedule before the summer starts and you realize you need more time in your day for clubs, sports, work, friends, family, and so on. The incoming freshmen start coming to orientations in June so try to pick before then and settle your classes so you can enjoy the rest of your summer! Personally I like having 8ams and being done by noon and having the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Also, I don’t really like having long breaks because my momentum of the day slows me down. What do you guys think about your schedules? Weighing the pros and cons now will help you in the long run and be will allow you to do more or less than what you are doing now! The best thing about college is the flexibility and the ability to live a little and try new things. Maybe try another type of schedule next semester to figure out what you like, but like the title says, don’t make the same mistake twice!


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