Spring Fever Gets Sprung

Spring Fever is in full force at SSU. What with looming finals and other deadlines and this gorgeous weather a lot of students are beginning to come down with Spring Fever. Common symptoms of this include laziness, procrastination, daydreaming and an all around unwillingness to do things that need to be done before the semester ends.  Here are some tips to help you cure that Spring Fever and finish the semester on a strong note.

  • ​​Admit that you have a problem: Acceptance of your procrastinating habits is the first step towards solving the problem.
  • Make a plan of action: Once you’ve acknowledged that you are procrastinating or that you have several big things to do before the end of the year, make a plan to do something about it. Write it out on a pad of paper, on a white board, or use a calender application on your computer or phone, but make it so that you are now on an actual time table to get things done.
  • Little Pieces: If a big final project is too scary for you, don’t think about it like that. Instead break up the project into little mini projects so that the overall task isn’t so daunting.
  • Remove yourself from the Situation: Right now I’m having a hard time getting my work done because i don’t want to have to walk back and forth from my dorm to the Library and instead I’ll tell myself that I will do my work in my room. Never turns out that way. I’m either distracted by my friends, food, or my comfy bed. I have now made a promise to myself that I’m going to remove myself from the “no work” atmosphere in my dorm and instead go t the Library like I should have been all semester.
Hopefully these tips help you kick Spring Fever out of your life, but remember once you’ve finished all of your work it’s summer! So keep summer in your sights as you work towards wrapping up this semester

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