I really want to go out though…


Towards the end of the semester the weather starts getting nice and the workload increases. I know when the weather starts to get warm nobody wants to be in class. It’s very tempting go out and hangout with your friends. The last few classes are very important, professors start to discuss the important information that is going to be on your final. Many professors give papers rather than finals, If you think about it like this, if you finish all your work for classes now, then you will have more time to hangout later. Another way to get work done is if all of your friends have homework you guys need to get done, try going to the library together or sitting in a lounge in the dorm. Personally, I would go somewhere that you have to be quite so it can be one of your motivation to get work done.
I know there are many exciting things to do towards the end of the semester and many events that are coming up. I would advise you to make a list of all the work you need to accomplish the start working your way down the list. If you have a ten page paper due you should probably work on two pages a day by the time you know it the paper will be done. If you know you work better alone, just lock yourself in your room and get rid of anything that could distract you. If you need people to look over your papers before you submit them, the writing center is there to look over paper that you need help on. There are going to be many obstacles in your way when you are trying to get your work done but try and think about it one the bright side, if you get all your work done now, you can go out later.


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