A little competition never hurt anyone.

This week’s blog is not only about joining clubs, it’s about taking on leadership roles within them. In college it is really easy to find a few clubs that you might be interested in joining. Some clubs are major specific like the Student Nurses Association or the Bio Society. There are honors societies that you can be asked to join like Alpha Lambda Delta, the first year honors society, or you can apply to be a member of the Commonwealth Honors Program; and join their student club the Honors Program Advisory Council. There are also clubs that perform like Repertory Dance Theater and the Student Theater Ensemble, both of which are open to all students. There are so many clubs and groups on campus to get involved with in your first year, that you will be able to find at least one that you are really passionate about.

I think that getting really involved with a club will push someone to do even more. Once you get involved and meet the people who enjoy the same things as you, it will be hard to stop going. I think that being a general body member of a club is a really great way to get involved on a semi-minimal level. It allows you to attend events, be able to give ideas, and help the group achieve their goals. By taking on a leadership role you can do so much more. You can hear the ideas of the whole group and consequently be able to plan events and projects that your members will enjoy being a part of. It allows you to sort of step yup for the greater good of the group and hopefully make some actin count. Also it is really fun making a solid group run successfully and being able to have fun at the same time.


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