This is the End

Well it is here…. In just a short 25 days I will be graduated with my B.S. in Chemistry and will no longer be walking this campus. I still can remember my first year here and looking back now, I truly miss it. 

There is so much that has changed since I have been a first year student on campus and my life as a whole. I came into Salem State and can remember the temporary library and how much I wanted the new library to be built and could find an actual chair to sit in. This year was such a great feeling walking through the learning commons for the first time and to think, “Wow I can finally sit down somewhere!” Not only has the campus grown tremendously over the four years I have been here but more importantly I have changed as well.

Salem State has given me the opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone in more than one way, and that has completely changed how I view things. My freshman year I thought I would just come into Salem State and sit in my room and study all day everyday. However that was not the case. I applied to be an Office Assistant for Residence Life and ran for President of my Buildings Community Council within the first few weeks of being on campus. Those two positions dragged me out of my shell and I could just see my life being changed forever. Having those two positions under my belt I was ready to adventure into new positions on campus. Since my first year I have become a RA for three years, I was on the Executive Board for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and now I am the President. All the experience I have gained on this campus I would have to say came from being involved not in the classroom but on campus.

I would like to let all of you know that your four years will actually fly by. So I want each of you to challenge yourself to not only be involved with your classes but apply for a position on campus or run for an executive board of a group or club. Be ready to fall in love with Salem State that you didn’t think could happen. You will realize that by the end of the four years you will be looking back just how I am now and see how much this school changed your life.

Well since this is my last blog I would like to thank all of you for reading and Good Luck in your future!! I hope all of you will be in the same position as I am now in three short years.  


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