Finals Week Checklist

How is everyone’s final week of classes going?! I hope it is treating you well and you are getting ahead on projects, papers, exams, and so on. It can be a stressful week but I believe in you and that you will finish off strong. I was just thinking the other day about my checklist and all of the things I need to do in such a short amount of time. If you are living in the dorms you know that you need to get all of your belongings out of the building 24 hours after your last final. So to relieve some last minute stress I am going to offer you a small checklist that you could build on with your own personal touch.

1.) Finish all your projects and study
2.) Finish all your finals
3.) Return all your books to the bookstore
4.) Move out of your Residence Hall
5.) Find a summer job/internship opportunities
6.) Reconnect with old friends
7.) If you are taking a summer class—check for updates from your professors!

These are just a few of the things that could start you off to enjoying the 2014 summer! Before you know it we will be back in school and classes so make the most of your summer and have a blast! Good luck with finals, if you can believe it and you can achieve it! If you need any help or advice, stop in Meier Hall 115!


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