Old School But Still Used

One thing that is found to be very common today is addressing envelopes. Although most people today use email as a form of communication, snail mail (as they now call it) is still pretty commonly used. So instead of just sending a follow up email why not try out your skills and hand write a letter or thank you card. now just in case you decide to take up this mini-challenge. Here is a helpful link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I7c67KM4FA

Another thing is actually using the phone to call people. Now people just text as the main form of communication. Why not use the phone and actually call people? If you are one of those “why use the phone when I can text” people, don’t worry because I am too. However, it is important not to forget how to use the phone. When working in an office you are constantly going to have to make phone calls in order to get things done. So practicing these skills with your friends can be helpful in future situations.

Lastly, please remember to send proper e-mails to the people that you are reaching out to. If you are sending an email to your boss or a professor remember to keep the email professional. Always address the email with dear so and so. Also, make sure you always end it with “thank you for your time in advance” or “sincerely” and then type your name. However, when you are emailing your friends, the professionalism of your email isn’t super important. The thing to remember is if it is important keep it professional.

So, just try to remember that even though something is old school, it is still used.



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