Final Struggles

With final exams approaching, there becomes a lot of work to be done. With more work comes more stress, so it is hard to make the best of your last few weeks. In these last few weeks on campus, the only way to finish strong is to harbor your stress positively.

First off, when realizing all of your big end of the year assignments are due on the same day, don’t panic! Use this time to organize your remaining time thoughtfully. Plan out a schedule that allows you to get all of your work done in time. By figuring out how much time you need to complete your work, you can also make time to take some breaks.

The next thing I would suggest is to submit any paper early for pre-due date revising. If you speak with your professor before, you can tell them a specific day you will send the paper in. This will pressure you to get the paper done not only on time, but actually be a little bit early. This will look really good to your professors, and you will get a chance to correct your work and make your paper even better by the time it is actually due.

The last thing I would suggest is to make a study guide. It sounds very seventh grade to sit down and make a study guide for each of your classes, but doing so will really help you in the long run. By compiling all of the information into one resource you are already reviewing the information. Then once you have two of three pages for each class, you have made your studying portable. A few extra books in your bag is gross, this way you can have all the information you need in just a few pages.

These are some classic finals techniques that I fall back on pretty much every semester, I hope they help all you first years out.





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