Final Days, Final Questions

As busy as you are, it’s easy to forget that most of your classes will only meet one or two more times. Don’t zone out yet! If you have questions about final exams or projects, now is the time to ask. Look over your syllabus and see if you have any questions about due dates or expectations. Check out the dates of your finals to make sure you don’t have two scheduled for the same time. It can happen, so it’s best to let your professor know ahead of time if that’s the case. After that it’ll be easy to work something out! Another great question to ask is whether your finals will cover material from the entire semester or just the chapters that have been taught after your midterm. This can drastically change how and what you’ll need to study. It’s also important to continue taking notes in these last few classes, as many professors will be continuing to teach new information until the second to last day of class. Most professors use the last day of class for exam review and final questions, so it’s important to keep going to those final few classes. They’re a good indicator of what you’ll need to study. Even if you don’t have final exams it’s important to attend your classmates’ final presentations. Not only does it show support for your classmates as they present their hard work, professors also take note. They do notice if the only presentation you show up for is your own. Keep going, the semester is almost over!


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