How to Have a Productive Summer

Summer is within your reach and I know that you are very excited to get out of here as soon as possible! There is just so much to do; final essays, projects and exams are coming at you all at once but what happens when you are out for the school year? If you have no idea what to do with your summer except for sleeping in and watching the television or working, here’s some ways to occupy your time in a productive way.

1. Plant a vegetable garden: I know what you are thinking, why grow vegetables? Growing vegetables (especially the ones that you eat often during the summer) saves you from going and spending the money for it at the supermarket. It’s hard work: making sure that it is watered and keeping critters from eating it isn’t always easy. But just think of how those fresh home grown vegetables would taste in a salad or as a healthy snack! If you don’t have the land to grow vegetables or don’t have the patience to grow them, herbs are a great alternative. Most are kept in pots and can be kept inside if you give them enough sun. I usually keep chives and basil during the summer on my porch because I don’t have a lot of space for plants either.

2. Put yourself on a workout schedule: It is SO tempting to sleep in and watch netflix if you have nothing else to do. I’m guilty of doing it too and on top of that, I’m also lazy and have no stamina so I get tired from exercise easily. This doesn’t have to mean running, although running is a great way to exercise. If you’re like me, it is better to walk, jog, or even bike. There are plenty of parks and bike paths around you. Exercising in the morning before it hits peak temperature or in the evening when it is cooler are great times, make sure you bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

3. Read a book: I can see you rolling your eyes at the thought of doing this. Believe it or not, it is better to read a book and keeping a sharp mind rather than letting it rot over the summer. It doesn’t have to be anything academic, just make sure that you love the book. Go to the library and search for a book that catches your eyes.  Reading improves your vocabulary and grammar. You may not be an English major or have the best grade on writing essays but reading will help you improve.  

Good luck and keep in mind: summer is just around the corner!

–          Sarah M.


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