It’s all an adjustment….

       The count down is on for our final days in this semester.  With the excitement of summer just around the bend comes a giant wave of frustration, stress, and panic. Don’t let the threat of finals get you down, and don’t let the stress overwhelm you to the point of not being able to work. Use your time wisely, it might be a good idea to take this next week or a few days off work (if work takes up time) and spend the time studying, or catching up on class work. For me this week has been a bit of a relief, I had the entire week off work and I spent the time catching up on some much needed sleep  and socializing. I admit it was more overwhelming than having to work thirty hours a week. It reached a point where I felt disoriented because I had so much free time. This time could have been used for more constructive purposes, however I needed the small break from the pressures that I live with on a daily basis.

     Use the time you have wisely. This does not mean focus only on school work (although that is what I should probably be saying, but let us be real with one another) Sometimes school gets to be too much. If you find yourself studying and you can’t seem to absorb any information, your eyes are unfocused and there is a slight migraine building up pressure in your head, then STOP! Your number one priority should be yourself and your mental and physical health, what good is a 4.0 GPA if at the end of the year you can do nothing more than veg out? And for those classes where you might not be doing very well, the damage is done. The time to make or break a grade is gone, now is the time to let the chips fall where they may.  Finals are fast approaching and a long drawn out study session is not recommended. Take an hour or two a day to study, beyond that enjoy the nice weather we seem to be having.  Focus your attentions on selecting the classes for next semester that will work for you. Be honest with yourself, we all know truthfully the load we can handle, and what we can’t. Between now and then enjoy the lazy summer!


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