Finals Week: from Getting As to Getting Zzzs

Final exams begin in exactly a week, and everyone is hitting the books. Everyone wants to boost their grades. Late nights writing and studying in the library are unavoidable, but getting sleep is just as important for your success and your piece of mind. While you may think you can get by on only a few hours of sleep, just because you’re awake and functioning, doesn’t mean this is always the best option.

With the increased stress and the lack of sleep, you may notice that you have a shorter temper than usually and get frustrated more easily. Facts and answers you would normally remember might not come to you so easily. You may find yourself snapping at your friends and family. Try to get as much sleep as possible during these busy times to ensure that these things do not become issues. The time spent staying up late and studying can actually hurt your grades if you take it too far. Your brain also uses the hours you spend sleeping to store vital information from that day into your long term memory. Eight hours of sleep a day is the ideal number, but being realistic during these busy times, try to get at least six hours on weekdays. It’s also good for limiting your caffeine intake, as too much caffeine can make you jittery and unfocused. Take naps and good luck!


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