Life List

So I know everyone is excited for finals but have you thought about your summer job or internship opportunities? Have you made your resume? I know this summer I really need to get things checked off my “life list.” This is going to start with making my resume and then talking with someone in career services to get me on the right track for my last two years of college. You guys might think you have a few years till you have to do that but don’t wait! Get ahead of the game and really challenge yourself to be more proactive about the future! With this year ending and another beginning soon don’t waste the precious summer months when you have time to get some stuff done! Here are a few tips to get you to start thinking about:

1.)    Make a resume and get in contact with Career Services. Their contact info can be found on

2.)    After you have talked with someone and finalized your resume make an appointment with your advisor to see if there is an opportunities on campus or in the area you could volunteer at or get an internship. This is a good way to get your foot in the door somewhere.

3.)    Check out when the Career Fair in the fall and plan what kinds of questions you might have. Then head back to Career Services and start preparing for interviews or Dress for Success events to get you ready for a potential interviews.

Most importantly, enjoy your summer but don’t let it get away from you! This is the perfect time to start thinking ahead and planning for the future! You can do it!

-Jordan T.


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