Let’s just skip class

       With the last week of classes finally here, it is important to make sure you go to the last class. Even though it is tempting to skip, the last class can be very beneficial. Many professors use the last day to talk about the material the final is going to be on or some professors even teach on the last day. If you skip the last day you can be missing important material that is going to be on your final. You don’t want to be blindside when you go to are the final and there is material you never even heard of. Also, since it is the last week of classes I would ask your professors your grades it’s always good to know where you academically stand in their class.
     Here are 8 studying tips for finals:
1. Location matters: try choosing a place that won’t distract you.
2. Switch subjects: don’t cramp for or subject all day, try switching back and forth.
3. Form study groups: try getting together with classmates to study with.
4. Snack smart: instead of energy drinks, drink plenty of water and an occasional cup of coffee.
5. Sleep well: six to eight hours of sleep can relieve stress and increase alertness in class.
6. Take breaks: during an hour study session take a ten minute break to relax a little.
7. Test yourself: taking a practice test can help you remember the material.
8. Get organized: effectively manage your time.

These are a few helpful tips that will get you through finals week. 




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