Finally finals!

 This is it! The moment we have been preparing for ALL SEMESTER LONG!! Finals have arrived signaling the end to projects and papers all we have left now is the brushing up for the exam. It is tempting to use our study days to laze about and catch up on our shows and books, put aside in favor of class work, BUT these days are crucial for getting a good grade. I am aware of the mind burn out that occurs at this time, but if you can power through it this week the results will be their own reward. keep in mind that cramming is not studying, so avoid ingesting a full semester’s worth of knowledge in one night, there is no way of retaining it all. The fun part about college is the fact that you are in an environment completely designed to learn and experience things you will never get a chance to experience again.  Be sure to prioritize your exams by difficulty of the material and when the exam occurs. If you are a student that struggles with science and it is one of your last tests, start studying for it while you study for your lighter easier classes.

Now is also a good time to begin packing for our trips back home, so while you take your study breaks (because we all need them) start throwing the non essentials into bags and boxes, and begin packing away that pesky winter clothing. By the time your exams are done you will find that there is very little to because you already did it!


Happy Finals all and enjoy the fab summer to come!!!!


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