Happy Finals!

Hope everyone is getting ready to study for finals! Here is some helpful tips to keep in mind…

1. Count up from the reading day (or today) until the exam will take place. If you have a week then divide the course evenly throughout that week to study a chunk of notes each day.

2. Make time to study and make sacrifices by not seeing friends or family. Try to take of time from work, it will give you more time to study and will help you get that A you are working towards.  

3. Proportion your study time to how hard the final is likely to be and how well you already know the material.

4. Make sure you know what materials are going to be tested on the final.

5. Make sure you know how the final will be set up. Will it be all essays, multiple choice, giving definitions? Ask the professor, they will tell you. Sometimes, the professor will drops hints about what “would make for a good final exam question.” A study guide, sample final, or set of review questions can often help you get an idea of the actual exam questions.

6. Study with a group only if it makes sense. Make sure that you will have a group of studious people who will help review questions or quiz you. They should not be distracting. If they are, it is best to find another group or study by yourself.

7. Some professors will allow you to have a study session with you. Ask the professor about it, if they encourage it, then take the opportunity to study with them. They may just add extra points to your exam just for studying with them.

8. When you first receive your exam, take a few minutes to look over all the questions. Ask yourself: How many questions are there? Is there a choice? How much does each part count? Then make a (tentative) plan before you start. How much time will you take to answer each question? However, don’t waste too much time outlining your answers, writing down formulas you’ve memorized, or starting a question and then stopping and starting another question. You’re being graded on the quality of your answer, not on notes to yourself or false starts.

9. Be sure to fully develop your answers because you are being graded on how well you develop and explain your answer, not just how correct it is. Explain the points in more detail so that someone unfamiliar with the answer would know what the answer is.

10. Make it easy on the grader by making it clear and give your answer in the first sentence of your essay. Then, show all your work in a problem-based exam. Make sure you have neat writing; you could be graded poorly if you scribble out your answer.

11. Pace yourself during the exam. If the exam is two or three hours, then use the whole time! If you think you have the time, take a minute or two for a break between each question and part. Don’t panic too soon also. The exam will show questions that will be easy and hard. Just make sure you don’t stress out too much during the hard questions.

13. Stay until the very end. Don’t be that person to pass in the exam early, double check your answers and proof read the exam portions.  It will make a huge difference!

Happy Studying! -Sarah M.


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