5 Things Every First Year Student Should Know About Class



USA Today College did a great article on the top five things that first year students need to know about to fully prepare for class and start off strong!  What are they?  Check out the article above for more details, but in no particular order:

1.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY!  Faculty have access to your university email address so that is what they are going to use in communicating with you.  If you don’t check it, and you miss something, you’re ultimately responsible…so get in the habit of checking your email on a regular basis.

2.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  You want to impress your faculty by having all your reading finished, notes ready, questions prepared, and assignments set to turn in.  The faculty are the ones who will be providing you recommendations later so impress them today!

3.  BE OPEN-MINDED ABOUT YOUR CLASSMATES!  You may be entering some of the most diverse classrooms you’ve ever experiences.  Everyone will be coming from different backgrounds, beliefs, viewpoints, experiences, cultures, families, and lifestyles.  Everyone has their own unique story to tell…so be prepared to listen and learn alongside each one of your classmates.  And it doesn’t hurt to meet some really cool people along the way!

4.  PARTICIPATION IS HUGE!  Most of your classes at SSU will be relatively small, there are very few large lecture courses here, however no matter what type of course you are in be prepared to actively participate and engage.  Usually 10-15% of your grade will be based on class participation and you want to earn every point you can!  Speak up, share your thoughts respectfully, and take an active role in your learning!  It will pay off in the long run:  knowledge-wise AND grade-wise!\

5.  SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE ROOM!  Okay, we know that you are groaning on this one, but seriously….studies show you will learn more and do better if you sit up front.  Not to mention your professor will be impressed.  It’s easier to take notes, to hear what the professor is saying, and to stay focused (particularly during those early morning classes).  You’re paying a lot for that class, so set yourself up to learn as much as possible.

That’s it – 5 easy things to think about…check out the article for more details and let us know what you think. Any other tips you have for successfully navigating your first college classes?



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