Why Mentoring is Awesome!

The odds are that you have heard the saying sharing is caring prior to reading this blog post. If I were to tell you that the previous saying is not true then that would make me a liar and my pants would undoubtedly spontaneously combust.   One of the greatest things that human beings are capable of is sharing their knowledge from previous experiences. This cycle when continued has the potential to provide building blocks that will strengthen future generations, for example Socrates gave guidance to Plato who then went on to counsel Aristotle. If you are unsure of whom the individuals aforementioned in the last sentence are I would advise you to google them right away! (Hint: they may or may not be some of the greatest philosophers of all time.)

The major point that I am trying to get at is the importance of mentorship. Strong mentoring can help build students’ confidence, develop students’ life skills, and most certainly enhance students’ academic resilience. Not to mention the rewarding feeling, for mentors, from having guided another person to success as well as the opportunity to self-reflect. The odds are that a mentee will themselves become a mentor to others. In essence being a mentor and receiving mentorship has the potential to lead to a chain reaction influencing a multitude of individuals. Interestingly enough, the greatest change or impact in someone’s life can occur due to the simplest thing, a conversation. Mentoring leads to growth and development for all parties involved; that is just awesome!


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