As we start to get further into the fall semester it is going to start to get stressful. Around this time of the semester, professors start talking about midterms and exams. I would personally tell you, you should start going over your notes. During my freshman year I didn’t think I had to study too early before the exam came, but I was wrong. During the week of midterm I was so stressed because I left all my studying for the day before. Don’t make the same mistake I did. It is never too early to start studying for a test. You can start looking over your notes from the beginning of the semester. As the time gets closer to the exam, you can always refer back to your notes.

Here are some different studying habits:

  • Make sure you take notes – If you miss a class make sure you have a friend email you the notes from class. You could have missed something important for your exam.
  • Try to color code – When you color code your materials it helps you know what assignments are for a specific class.
  • Have everything written down – If you have all your assignments written down in one place it is easier to keep track of everything that you need to do.
  • Ask Questions – If anything is unclear about the exam, email your professor. Professors love to get emails about anything that is unclear.
  • Look over old notes – It is always good to freshen up on notes from the beginning of the semester. It helps you remember the old information from the beginning of the year.

I hope these tips help you improve your studying!   — Rayna S.

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