Its that time of year again…advising time. Advising is a two week long period before registration, in which students meet with their academic advisor to plan out your classes for next semester. It starts on Monday October 20th this year. If you have not found your academic adviser you can do so using Navigator. Simply log on, click “My Academics” in the left hand tool bar. Once in that subject, click on the link “View my advisors”, there should be a name there. That name is your academic advisor!

The next step you should take is to search your advisor’s name on the ssu website. This will lead you to that professor’s information page; which will tell you what their email is, where their office is, and it may even have a copy of their professional resume or a picture of them. This will give you some more information on how to contact your advisor. For a first time meeting, I would suggest going to their office as listed. They should have a sign up for open advising time, sign up for a slot and make sure you attend it. If they don’t have any slots available, email them as soon as possible. Each faculty member has multiple students to advise, so make sure your email is sent on the earlier side so you have more time to schedule a meeting.

When you attend advising, you should always show up with a plan and questions. While your advisor may not know all the answers, they are the ones who are here to help you find them. By using the class search tool in navigator, you can plan out what classes you would like to take and when they are offered. If you show up to advising with no plan your adviser will be able to help you construct a schedule, but having a plan will give you more time to ask questions and generally get to know your advisor.

Hope these tips help your advising run smoothly.



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