Not Everything Can Be Forgotten

Not Everything Can Be Forgotten

With all of the technology available nowadays and all of the different social media outlets that go along with them you have to be kind of picky as to what you post on your social media pages. Not only do you have to think about who an view it right now, friends, family and acquaintances but also those who could potentially view it in the future. Companies, Colleges and Universities do sometimes look at the Facebook or Twitter accounts of people they potentially want to hire or invite to be in their institution. So when these institutions or people you aren’t friends with look at your account, no matter how high you think your security settings are, they can probably see some of the stuff you post.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you log on to your Facebook or Twitter account:

​Would you say this to your Grandma?- If the answer is no you should probably rethink that status. While social media can sometimes be a tool to vent your frustrations on, keep in mind those anonymous or unknown people who are looking at your status update and wondering if that is the kind of person you really are.

Less is More- While you may not notice that you make statuses for every little thin going on in your life, other people do. there’s nothing inherently wrong with this but it can get annoying and in some cases you come off sounding more immature than you would like to be thought of by say a potential employer.

Out of Sight is Not Out of Mind- Just because you delete something off of a social media site does not mean that it’s gone forever. People with some kind of computer background can very easily retrieve that deleted status or pictures, so just be aware of what you are putting out onto the Internet and who you are sharing personal things with.


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