Welcome to Advising

As we are in the mid semester of the fall session, we have come to a small bump in the road that everyone knows as advising. Everyone has an adviser that they meet with in terms of tracking their progress and picking classes for the upcoming semester. Meeting with your adviser is a very important time because they are the ones to give you your access code so that you can pick your classes.

In your first semester the process of picking classes can be very overwhelming. However, having the trusty flow sheet by your side makes everything much more manageable. The flowsheet is a list of all the classes one must take in order to get their degree in that subject matter. You will start the advising period by checking off what classes you are taking this semester. Then you would look online to see which classes are being offered for the upcoming semester. You would then build your schedule off of that. Being prepared before walking into advising will help you in the long run. This will save you time and allow your adviser to see everything that you have to do in order to graduate on time.

Although advising can seem like this long and daunting task that everyone despises, in the end it is a very beneficial process. Since after all, you do need that code in order to even register.


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