Keep It Organized!

I’m sure many of you are beginning your year off and realizing that you’re getting a little disorganized. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself in line:

  1. Get a calendar: Keeping a calendar of all y0ur homework due dates, work, appointments, and other important events will help you visualize what needs to be done. Color code your events if it helps you see what you have to accomplish. Personally, I like to keep a white board calendar so I can erase each month and rewrite every thing, even putting little magnets on very important dates. If eraser boards are not your thing, a regular calendar or even printing out a month by month calendar from the internet works too.
  2. Technology: It’s our best friend for staying on top of schedules and reminders. If you have a smartphone, go to the calendar app where you can add events. For example, on an iPhone, I can add the title of the event, location, add the time start and end (or make it an all day event). The event can reoccur; whether it is every day, week,  two weeks, month or year. For this, I add in my class schedule and add every week, making an alert also so my phone alerts me beforehand. Sometimes I use the notes at the bottom to add in information about it that I might forget. Adding in all of your events into your smartphone is helpful because you can check your events on the go.
  3. Binders: If you feel like you are accumulating a lot of papers and need to keep them organized, get a binder, a three hole punch, and dividers. Every time you receive a handout, three hole punch it and put it in a divider that will be kept for handouts specifically, or you can put it in with your notes for that day. Keeping old tests and quizzes are a great idea for a review during midterm and finals in its own divider as well as graded work that you receive back. For important information, keep it at the front of the binder which. This includes the syllabus and handouts that you may refer to often throughout the semester.
  4. Other ways to keep it organized: Some small ways to keep organized everyday is to use sticky notes and take quick notes of tasks that need to be completed or things to remember, use an agenda to remind yourself of homework. In your class syllabus, highlighting due dates, midterms and finals are helpful too!

Using any one of these strategies will help keep your schedule in line and organized, good luck!

-Sarah M



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