Campus Events that Can Change the Way You View the World and Those Around You

This past Tuesday, October 21st, I attended The Ferguson Forum Panel and Discussion on Systemic Racism, the Law and its Relevance for Communities of Color. Three campus professors and one lawyer were on the panel to discuss and provide information to those attending. They spoke about race, racism, and racial oppression in regards to the incident that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. The four panelists, professionals in law, sociology, geography, and criminal justice, explained that aside from the tragedy in Ferguson, racism is still in issue throughout the United States. This struck me as odd, considering the year that we’re living, and the amount of acceptance that is being shared country wide. Although, the panel taught me that our society needs help accepting MORE, to get rid  of bias and look at difference amongst people as a POSITIVE thing. What I can agree on, is that negativity and judgment walk hand and hand. People will always judge, and that is the unfortunate reality that the generations living in 2014 are facing. We need to learn to overcome the negativity towards others, and learn to accept and sympathize. Walk a mile in each others shoes, and understand that people are not ever going to  be exactly like you. I personally think the unique differences people have are such amazing traits that make the world go ’round. Differences are good.

The things I learned by attending this discussion have really opened my eyes and changed the ways I view the United States and people as a whole. I am so happy my professor told me about this panel! I benefited so much, and received extra credit for broadening my horizons and opening my mind. I highly recommend YOU look into upcoming discussions and attend with an open mind and a positive attitude. You never know, you may walk out a completely different person with a completely different way to view the world!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events, just like this one!


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