“Happiness is a state of activity.” ― Aristotle

As a first year student, you are going to be bombarded with fliers, emails, and announcements trying to get you to go to different on campus activities. While it would be impossible to go to all of them, it would be a mistake to go to none of them. Going to on campus events allows you to meet new peers, both in your year and older. You will get see how the upperclassmen who run the clubs are getting involved in areas they truly care about. By going to events you will be able to make personal connections and be able to have fun with your friends or make some new friends.

The full list of events by month is located on the Salem State website at: http://www.salemstate.edu/calendar/

To RSVP to the events on facebook, check out our events calendar here: https://www.facebook.com/events/calendar

The more events you go to, the more you will get used to life on campus. The events on campus are usually on a smaller scale, and are always really fun. I hope you all get to experience a really cool event soon!



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