Sleep – The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

As First Year Students you may be juggling a new and unfamiliar schedule, new course loads, living in the resident halls with classmates, working jobs. It is important that in your busy day you make time to sleep! College students tend to put sleep on the back burner, behind their homework and sports practices and theatre shows, among other things. What happens when we sacrifice that sleep?

Repercussions of Sleep Deprivation

  • Lack of sleep makes it harder to think – During sleep, your brain consolidates memories; if you don’t sleep, you’ll forget all of the information you learned in classes all day long! Alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem-solving skills are impaired when you stay up all night.
  • Lack of sleep adds an emotional burden on your shoulders – Sleep loss often plays a strong contributing role in the development of depression; it aggravates its symptoms, like sadness and lack of motivation
  • Lack of sleep leads to accidents – Fatigue is one of the biggest playing factors in car accidents and injuries on the job.

What Should YOU Do to Develop Better Sleep Habits?

  • Try your best to go to bed at a reasonable hour – if you have to talk yourself into believing that 2 am is a reasonable hour, then you’ve probably been up too late!
  • Find a quiet environment to sleep – interrupted sleep is not ideal sleep; try and find a quiet place! I know this is difficult in the resident halls, but always keep in mind there are quiet hours at night and courtesy hours all the time. If you need quiet, politely ask for quiet!
  • Put your technology away – the bright screens and information that come with our technology stimulates our brain, making it difficult for us to fall asleep, so shut off that TV, end the Netflix marathon and put your phone away; it’s time to go to bed.

You’ll find that when you get a good nights sleep, you’ll take on this campus with a whole new view!

– FYM Kelly


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