I am so bored!!

Getting involved on campus is a great way to entertain yourself instead of complaining that you are bored. On campus there are a ton of different groups and clubs that students can join. Whether you like dance or ultimate Frisbee, there is something for everyone. We also have a ton of intermural teams. Here you can be on a competitive team without all of the stress that involves being on the school’s sports team.

With the new semester rapidly approaching it is a perfect time to start looking into groups and clubs that you may be interested in. Most clubs are always looking to welcome new people no matter what time in the semester. However, other teams or groups may need you start at the beginning of the semester. This may be most beneficial since you will then know how busy you will be throughout the rest of the semester so that you can plan out your assignments accordingly.

What if none of the groups and clubs interests me? Fear not, you can create your own! If you want to start a specific group or club on campus that we don’t already have, you can feel free to do that! You only need to have a few members in order to start the group. If there is enough involvement, who knows, you might have then most popular group on campus that everyone will want to join.

So if there is ever a time that you are so bored, just remember that campus is full of fun things to do. Getting involved in a group or club is a great way to make new friends while doing something that you are interested in!


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