Stress Relief 101

First Year Students, is it getting to be that time in the semester when you feel like you’re really overwhelmed and don’t know what to do about it? Well, I am here to offer you some insight of how to lighten your load before this upcoming long weekend and with Thanksgiving only a few weeks away!
First order of business: Learn to say no! I have this issue of not being able to say no and am constantly taking on smaller projects that eventually take over my life. I do not want this to happen to anyone because it can be really daunting! Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize! Make time for yourself and hang out with friends but don’t be afraid to do take a step back and get your work done! Procrastination is hard to come back from. Make a plan every day and strive for your goals!
Second order of business: Make a to-do list that has goals that are reachable and not stressful. Break down larger assignments to smaller tasks that will keep you interested in your work. It can be really hard to do this, I totally understand! But try your best to give it a chance and try to evolve as a person with your study habits and balancing hanging out with friends. Don’t be afraid to add a movie night or friend’s night out during the week to break up a scary list!
Third and final order of business: Be productive but have as much fun as possible! College is the most important time in your life and is for making your life friends. Don’t get caught up in a bad day and let it ruin a week or month. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! However, make time for your work so you can enjoy a free weekend of just fun activities with friends or family!
These simple adjustments to your schedule can make the world of difference! Try not to get overwhelmed but it is bound to happen. Handle your stress in the way you know best and don’t forget: you can always say no! Take some time for you to rejuvenate and then tackle your work!
You can do it! I believe in all of you!
–FYE Mentor Jordan

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