“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Hans Selye

If we had to ask many people to define stress, each of them will refer it from his/her experience, which will differ from a person to another.  Generally, stress is known when a person is overwhelmed with many things that has to be done in a specific time with a high pressure. The only good of this pressure is that it make you do the work, but most of the time the work isn’t satisfactory.Stressing over time will potentially be transformed to an illness which make the person suffer and can affect the physical and behavior.
Of course, with the ongoing of scientific researches, every day new ways to overcome this illness are being discovered.
Sadly, the fashion of nowadays, is taking anti-stress pill, where they cost a lot of money and can leave secondary effects on the body that can radically transformer it to a worse state.
According to a survey from people who overcame stress and having a happy and manageable life is therapy and meditation.
It is proven scientifically that a body produces a large amount of hormones that reduce stress and anxiety when breaking a routine with a relaxing exercise. So when you think you are not feeling very well ,or after doing a lot of work make some breaks happen, breath some fresh air, walk around, eat something, and try not to think about the much of work you have is heavy and change your attitude 🙂
For more info about stress relief methods you can visit this website:  http://www.tm.org/reduced-stress-and-anxiety

First Year Mentor       Amine


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