Do’s and Don’ts of Scheduling Classes!

After you have met with your adviser, you now have the list of classes that you need to take next semester. To set up your classes, you need to pick and choose what classes you want from the list and make sure that they fit into a schedule that fits you. Here’s the essential do’s and don’ts for setting up a successful schedule.


  • Look at the course catalog and familiarize yourself with class times, what days they are on, and the professor of the course. The same class could be offered at different times of the day, different days of the week by multiple professors. Ask yourself: Do I want to get up for an 8am if i like to sleep in? What days would I rather take for classes? Who is the professor? For the past three years, I’ve made the mistake of signing up for an 8am and sleeping through it, or choosing a class that I liked but hated it because the professor was not my cup of tea.
  • Have a schedule a with a variety of classes. For example, don’t take all English writing courses (I made the mistake last semester). Have a mix of subjects or some that involve mostly reading or mostly writing. Too much of one type of class can be stressful.
  • Make sure you have asked you adviser any questions you may have.  Never leave the meeting in confusion, if you still have further questions, advisers are more than happy to answer then via email or make another appointment to meet up with you.
  • Make a list of alternative, backup classes. This happens EVERY semester. Students go to register for classes but at least one of them has already been filled. In this case, have a list of back up choices. That way, if there are several that are already closed, you have alternative times and classes that you have planned to take.
  • Look over what professors you have to choose from. Go to and search for professors to see their ratings and reviews. This is very helpful when deciding between the same class taught by multiple professors. If you have no time constraint, let the professor ratings help you decide what to take. Disclaimer: not all professors are on the website.


  • Over-schedule. Minimum 12 credits, maximum 18. Recommended: 15 credits (5 classes). Don’t take the minimum where you are bored most of the week and have to catch up by the end of your college years. Also, don’t take the maximum or you will constantly be stressed and freaking out, resulting in failing or doing poorly.
  • Sign up for all hard or all easy classes. What’s your challenge classes? Which ones are easy? Like mixing up the class subjects to have a variety, same goes for taking easy and hard classes. Have a mix or you will end up with all hard classes at some point. Be careful not to overbook them with another similar course.
  • Postpone your core requirements. Not only will this free up your schedule for your major classes down the road, but taking core classes early on could help you discover interests you weren’t aware of before. Make sure you are not the senior that still didn’t t take writing 101 or public speaking. Get them done asap!
  • Schedule early-morning classes if you don’t function well in the AM hours. Don’t lie to yourself that you can take an 8am when you have to drag yourself out of bed with coffee. Get some beauty sleep, Halloween is over so there’s no reason to look like a zombie.
  • Don’t overlap classes. Give yourself enough time to get from one class to the other. Look at where the class is being held too: you can’t put two classes back to back and have 15 minutes to get from north to south campus. Another helpful hint is not to schedule all your classes on the same day. Two to three classes a day is good. Make sure you have time to eat also between classes. Spacing out classes ensures your sanity so you can nap, eat, or study between!

Happy Registration and may the odds be ever in your favor 😀

-Sarah M.


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