The “F’ Word

No one wants to talk about them but everyone knows that they’re coming: Finals. I know I know, we just got back from the long Veteran’s Day weekend, we go on Thanksgiving in two weeks, we have plenty of time to worry about Finals.However much we want to believe that we have this infinite amount of time before Finals, we don’t. In reality there are about four weeks left until Finals time and now is the time to start planning out your plan of attack. Start thinking about what you need to study like is your exam cumulative or will it only cover material after the midterm? Start planning out when you are going to study.

If you are anything like me between work, classes and extracurriculars I actually need to plan out a study schedule otherwise I will just put it off and catch up on my shows instead because I believe I have at least tomorrow to study for this big exam that is 20% of my grade. In actuality that day is more like maybe one to two hours if I’m not interrupted. Which is why I need to plan out my study time and who, if anyone, I’m going to share that time with. Most people can benefit from “study groups” if those groups actually study. What I have found is that if a friend or two says, “We are going to start studying right now and we are going to do this for X amount of time till we get through this”, they are lying to me and maybe themselves. What really happens is we will turn on a movie or TV show halfway through study time and then I won’t get any studying done because everyone is making too much noise or is constantly stopping my progress so that I can answer a question for them, study related or not.

For information to actually sink into my brain I need to either be alone or with someone who will study in silence with me. And by silence I mean with my headphones in and my favorite 8tracks playlist going. But that is what works for me, you guys need to do what works for you and if that includes carving out chunks of time in the upcoming weeks to actually study or work on papers, you should probably think about doing that now because time is ticking.


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