Stress a Little, Not A Lot

With the semester fast approaching its end a lot of us are starting to get nervous or are even panicking about what our final grades for this semester will be. Some of this stress is warranted and some of it is completely unnecessary. If you’ve been slacking this semester by not going to class and not doing assignments, you might have reason to be worried about your final grade. If you’ve been showing up, taking notes, handing in assignments and doing well on tests and quizzes, you’ll probably be fine. If you’ve been slacking off now is the time to really commit to your classes and all of the end of semester deadlines that are fast approaching. Remember that phrase that everyone likes to repeat to you, “College is different from high school”, because they’re not wrong. In high school you didn’t pay tuition, housing, and other miscellaneous fees. You are literally paying thousands of dollars to be here to earn a degree in a field you are interested in. Yes those Gen. Eds. are annoying but they are there for a reason. So rather than wasting thousands of dollars by not going to class and not doing the work you are here to do buckle down and study for the finals that are coming up, see if your professor will let you do some make up work or hand things in late.  If you have a plan of action for how you’re going to tackle these last couple weeks of classes, have done everything you have to for your classes, and are still stressing out remember that a little stress can be helpful in motivating you but don’t let it take over your life and impede you from doing the things you need to accomplish.


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