Dos and Don’t of Library Etiquette

With finals coming up and the procrastination starting to creep up on everyone I thought this would be the perfect time to offer some advice about my favorite study spot on campus, the library! Hopefully, you have all been there at some point this semester to print out papers, work in study groups, or have some quiet time. This is where I get my best work done with deadlines fast approaching. Some tips I can offer you right off the bat would be bring snacks, music, and a USB for the long day/night. Also have you ever considered the proper library etiquette? This is something that is frequently ignored but I have some suggestions of ways to avoid disturbing your peers around you, especially after break when it’s crunch time!
  • Get a study room if you are with a large group of friends trying to get a project done or study for a final. They generally are limited to 2 hours of use but it can vary depending on the time/day you go!
  • Utilize library resources, books, databases, librarians, assistants, etc. for anything you need to finish your work. Try to get them reserved ahead of time so you don’t waste precious time in the library!
  • Respect your peers around you! Keep an eye out for the “Quiet Zone” on the third floor!
  • Find the perfect spot for you to get work done and focus!
  • Use your headphones while doing your homework!
  • Carry on a full on conversation that everyone around you can hear. Trust me, no one wants to hear about every detail of your life that happened in the last hour or two before you got to the library!
  • Waste your time or someone else’s who made need to use the same book or resource as you in the library! The later you wait to do any assignment the more likely you won’t get it done because someone else is doing the same.
  • Eat as if you are in a restaurant. Nothing is worse than hearing bags of food being opened and cracking of soda cans constantly when someone doesn’t have headphones in. Be conscientious of those around you.
  • Leave your sound on your phone for incoming messages and phone calls! It drives people crazy and is really distracting.
Overall, please use common sense and use your library time effectively! Everyone else is also under the same amount of stress that you are so just be patient and you will get your work done! Just be conscientious of these simple Dos and Don’ts and you will be fine!
-Jordan T.

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