Stop the Violence

Many people have their own opinions and that’s okay but I think this issue comes down to right and wrong. This Ferguson issue comes down to someone being killed. There are many people out there that would say this is a race issue and it has everything to do with the police brutality. I think it has more to do with the moral of right and wrong. It was wrong what happened to Mike Brown, even if he wasn’t killed by a cop, someone died and their killer should be sentenced to jail. I think the police officer just has a badge to hide behind and the police force to stand behind him. With all of the different opinions of Ferguson I think it should be a topic that people are discussing more. There isn’t a news channel on TV that isn’t talking about it. It just makes me sad to think that people are being killed every day and it is going unnoticed. With the grand jury choosing not to indict the police officer last night, this is going to cause more problems. I can’t imagine how Mike Brown’s family must feel hearing about this. I think that all the chaos won’t help the people in Ferguson. I know people are upset and they have a right to be but it doesn’t give them the right to destroy everything in their path. There is a way to overcome this and as a nation I don’t think we are going in the right way just yet. As for people’s opinions of Ferguson, I think it is okay to voice their opinions but nobody should get hurt in the process of doing so.


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