Fab 5

I don’t want to say it…trust me I don’t…but finals week is just around the corner! Only 7 more days of classes and I am sure that everyone is starting to feel the heat of the end of the semester. However, have no fear, I am here to offer some great sources that will make these next few torturous weeks of projects/papers/presentations just a little bit easier!

  • The first site I have chosen is http://www.citationmachine.net/. Have you ever written a paper and needed to cite something but never found the right site to use? Let me tell you, this is the one! You can cite in any format and it helps you know what information you need to include! Check it out!
  • SSU Library Databases. I know, I know, professors tell you to use them all the time. But have you given them the whole hearted attention they deserve? This is one source you won’t regret using! I have used them countless times for papers and have found them helpful! Definitely a useful resource!
  • Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary http://www.merriam-webster.com/ This is the best way to find synonyms and make sure your word choice is effective for your essays or presentations! I am sure you will impress your professors as well! Give it a try!
  • http://prezi.com/ is another great resource for presentations in lieu of PowerPoint! I have seen a lot of creativity with this site and I think that it would be worth a try to do something different! Especially with a weeks’ worth of presentations to see/watch!
  • https://www.pinterest.com/ may be great for planning projects and getting creative! There is so much on this site so you would have to have a little time on your hands but it might be helpful in the long run! Try not to get too distracted by the other fun stuff that is on the site!

In the end it isn’t about the quantity of work (though it can be daunting), it’s the quality! Give your best effort these last few weeks and your GPA and professors will thank you! If you need any help come to Meier 100A and we will assist you!



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