Dancing Through Finals Stress

Do you love to dance? Do you love watching dance or theater productions? Are you looking for a way to get out of your dorm and see some of Salem State’s talent? If so, make sure you make it to the Salem State Dance Ensemble show this weekend!!! Here are the details:

   Salem Dance Ensemble: Outside In

                                Saturday December 6, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

                                Sunday December 7, 2014 @2 pm

                                Multipurpose Gym, O’Keefe Sports Complex

                                Cost: FREE with your SSU ID

The choreography mainly focuses on connecting the personal with the universal and contains choreography reflecting the past and current life experiences of the dancers. The dancers have been working hard on their pieces throughout the semester and I am excited to see how their hard work pays off!

Even if you are not a dancer or have never been to a dance production, this is a great way to get out this weekend and take a break from homework, studying and finals preparation. Some professors even give extra credit for going to an arts event and writing a review or personal reaction to it! The show is completely free with your Salem State ID which is a great perk as well.

For those of you who ARE dancers or have always been interested in trying dance out, this show is a great way to see if you might like to get involved in dance at Salem State! The best way to learn about clubs and groups on campus is to go to their events and see for yourself if it may be something you are interested in!

ALSO, if you can’t make the Salem Dance Ensemble show this weekend, there is a student run dance ensemble called RDT that will be performing next weekend! Check the Salem State website for more details or message the First Year Office on Facebook with any questions! Hope to see you all there!!


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