Final exams, YES WE CAN

I remember as yesterday was the first time I got my psychology class syllabus, and looking how far the time I have to study for my final. Yet this fall flew as the leaves did and the only thing left behind is white snow, and the white blank paper we need to fill on the big day.
Many freshmen haven’t done very well on their previous exams, which is seen as a normal thing to be introduced into a new environment that has a new system. I recommend that freshmen take some of their time and talk to their professor and see whether there is possibility to bring up the grade even though by an decimal! That opportunity should be an unexpected gift that have to work smart for it.
In the case if there is no such boost to up the grades, at least do not bring it lower! Failure is not and shouldn’t be a shame.

“I haven’t failed I’ve just found one of 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison



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