How to Exercise Without Going to the Gym

You might hate working out, or with exams coming you might not have the time. Personally I know I hate going to the gym. It’s intimidating to see all of those sporty, fit people jogging at top speed and lifting heavy weights. Fear not! There are other ways to get a little exercise on campus without hitting the gym. Try these simple tips:

Never take the elevator!

Unless you’re carrying a something heavy, take the stairs up to your dorm room and classroom. It may take a little longer but all those trips up and down the stairs add up to a great daily workout!

Say no to the shuttle.

Of course the weather’s getting cold, so let’s be honest, you’ll probably take shuttle to your classes on South Campus, but if you’re traveling between Central Campus, North Campus and O’Keefe Complex?  Forget the shuttle, and walk instead! It’s another little way of getting more exercise that may seem small, but really adds up.

Plan a dorm room workout!

There are so many workouts on YouTube that can help you get fit and have fun! Lots of them come in half hour segments. That’s barely any time at all and there’s something for everyone. You can choose everything from a traditional workout, to a dance or martial arts workout. It’s all up to you, so clear up some space in your room set up your laptop and get ready to get fit!

Take a walk.

Whether you’re taking a walk downtown, around campus or just to Forest River Park, a quick 30 minute walk at least twice a week. It’s a great way to relax and get to know the area the University is in.

With these simple tips you can get a little more exercise without going to the gym. Have fun!


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