Study Smarter, Not Harder

Yep, you guessed it. Yet another Final Exam prep blog. But let me tell you, this advice should be taken to heart! As a First Year, finals are pretty scary. Its understood that you have x amount of classes with different volumes of material, 7-10 page papers to write, and a few 70 question cumulative exams to focus on. Where do you begin, how do you chose what to study and when, and how do you survive finals? Let me tell you!

Plan out your week: Establish what exams you have, what days and the times you will be taking them.

Prioritize: If you are confident of your ability to do well on certain exams, leave studying for those last. No, don’t ignore them completely, but focus on your harder classes and exams first, but always review material before an exam!

Take the time to study for your harder classes: If you have a very difficult exam on the Wednesday of finals week, begin reviewing and studying a week before, and make sure to put in a little of time each night until the big day.

Sleep and eat: Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating enough food throughout the day. If you sleep enough you will be well rested and your brain will be able to retain the important information needed to pass your exams. And as always, try to eat your best. The better you eat, the better your brain!

Put yourself in Timeout: Take some breaks from studying. Cramming will actually do you more harm than good. So, for every half hour of studying, try and take a ten minute break to check your phone, call your mom, watch a music video, or have a snack!

Enjoy your youth: Yes finals are important, and yes they are very stressful, but don’t deprive yourself of a social life. Friends and laughter are two great ways to let loose. They will help take your mind off of your stress for a little while, and the mental break will help you clear your head! *Warning: Don’t abandon all studying. Don’t go too crazy, either. Remember: School first!

Breathe: YOU GOT THIS! You will own finals and walk into winter break feeling like a new person!

Love forever,



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