Balance – Lessons I’ve Learned as We Close the Fall Semester

In one of my classes this semester, I was asked to define balance. At the time, I thought this was a pretty simple term. Balance keeps you from falling over. I suppose this was a pretty literal definition, but some of my fellow students allowed me to take it a bit further – balance is serenity, and it is calm.

Without balance, especially around finals week, some of us will start to fall off the deep end. It is important to balance every aspect of your life, seeing your friends, sleeping, schoolwork, even eating. There were a few times I found myself so caught up in the essays I’ve been writing these past few weeks that 5 pm would roll around and I’d realize I still hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet.

My goal for next semester is to work on keeping a healthier balance with all of my college life; though school is very important, it is important to be eating healthy and getting enough sleep and having some fun along the way! It’s never a bad time to try and make yourself better.

Do you have balance?

FYM Kelly


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