Endless Possibilities

Most of the majors here at Salem State require that you declare and complete a minor before you graduate. You can minor in anything from chemistry to art history and everything in between. Declaring a minor is a relatively simple process.

  • The first and most obvious step being that you actually have to pick a minor that you want to declare and pursue. To really explore your options and declare a minor that benefits you in the long run talk to your advisor or a professor that you have a good relationship with. They can offer you the best insight on what minor can help you in your future field if you’re not sure what direction to take.
  • The second step is to go to the SSU homepage and search “Minor Request Form”. The second result, a PDF, is the form you need to fill out and eventually hand in to the Nav. Center to declare your minor.
  • Once you’ve printed out the form fill in all of the information that you can. Next go to the chairperson’s office for both your major and new minor as they have to sign off on it.
  • Now that you have everything filled out you just need to take the form into the Nav. Center and they will process your new minor, this usually takes 1-3 business days to show up on your degree tracker on Navigator.

Declaring a Minor is just one more step towards getting your degree and graduating from Salem State. If for some reason you decide to not pursue a minor and want to drop it or switch it the process is basically same as it is for declaring a new minor, you just have to check a different box on the “Minor Request Form”.


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