s-No-w class

Almost all of Salem state students are from the New England region. A minority come from other places, like me, from Morocco. When I first came to Massachusetts in the summer or 2012 I was amazed by its beauty and its nice summer weather, and the light snow falls in the winter that I don’t have from where I come from. This year, the snow falls started to get a little heavier. This made most of us happy at the beginning, because most of Monday classes got canceled and had to enjoy a long nice weekend. Afterward, I did not realize the amount of time that flew and have never met with my Monday class professor ever in this Spring 15.
During these days, all I did is oversleeping, eating all the food that I have and catching up on the TV shows that I missed. I thought that I was doing the right thing, but not until I saw the amount of homework that I had to do when classes ran again.
Days off are good and should be in our life, especially the unexpected ones ( not from getting sick), because they break up the routine we undergo. However, we should know how to correctly use them. In my opinion, the ideal is to get a couple more hours of sleep, get breakfast with your friends, then start to catch up on your homework and in between, break it up with a TV.

Trust me, but you will find by the end of the day that you were very productive and proud of yourself.

FYM   Amine


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