Livin’ the Dream

I hope everyone is doing well with readjusting to school mode after all of this snow! I know that I have had a hard time pulling myself out of this rut. You are not alone if you are facing this same struggle! I have had to try and keep myself motivated because I took my History MTEL this past Monday. I registered for the exam at the end of December so it wasn’t a surprise, though it seemed to sneak up on me! If you are an education major or minor you know the stress of these exams because they are state mandated and Salem State University is not involved with determining your results. The exam’s results also regulate whether or not you can student teacher or get a teaching license. It is pretty stressful if you ask me!

Over the past two and a half years that I have been studying at SSU I have non-stop prepared within my major and observed multiple classrooms for my minor. There are a lot of requirements to get your teaching license. One requirement is taking these state mandated exams. In preparation to take each of the tests, Communication and Literacy, as well as History, I had to plan out exactly every class I needed to take and approximately when I need to take it by to go into the exam prepared. I set mini goals for myself along the way and constantly checked in with my advisors to make sure that I was on track to graduate in 4 years. Luckily, I have been able to stay on track but it came with a lot of work. I have taken 5-6 classes a semester with summer and winter courses. You might think I am crazy, and I might say you’re right! But in the long run I know it will pay off so I can go right to graduate school. College is expensive and continuing with education is important. Therefore, my advice to all of you is to stay on track and focused as best as possible!

Setting goals and following through with them is important. Research, prepare, and be proactive is the best advice that I can offer you as a peer who may just be a year or two ahead of you. I have had similar pressure situations and been knocked down but there are plenty of resources to get back on your feet. One suggestion I can offer you that I have found the most helpful is the MTEL Test Preparation Center on campus. I didn’t pass one of the Communication and Literacy subtests and went back for more tutoring and passed with flying colors the second time. The center offers workshops, one-on-one tutoring, supplemental materials, etc. The link to their site on the Salem State page is as followed: Check them out and if you need anything else feel free to come to the First Year Experience Office located in Meier 100A for goal setting strategies!

-FYM Jordan


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