Priority #1: Keep Yourself Healthy and Ready to Succeed

As the spring semester finally ramps up and gains some momentum, you may be starting to let some stress in about finishing all your tasks and moving forward. The semester had a slow start but now that classes are in full swing, the workload is rolling in! It is important to remember during times of high stress to take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Keeping yourself healthy both physically and mentally is the first step to academic success! If you take care of yourself then you can work to your fullest potential and see major results!

So here are a few tips I have found work for keeping yourself healthy and ready to succeed!

  1. Know your limits: Everyone gets to the point where you are just not retaining any more information. Maybe you have been reading for too long, studying the same page over and over, or sitting staring at the same page of your essay wondering where to go next. These are all times when the best thing to do is take a break! Sometimes you need to step away and get back to your work at a later time so that you can be efficient and keep your mind fresh!
  2. Make time to exercise: It is easy to see your schedule and feel like there is no possible way to fit in exercise but what if I told you it would make you more productive when you did finally sit down to write that paper, study for that test or read that article for class? Exercise lets you blow off steam, release stress and come back to your assignments with a new focus and energy.
  3. Give yourself “ME” time: Set aside time during the day, even if it is just a half hour to be strictly your time. You can spend it watching a television show you love, reading a book, reading your favorite magazine, watching funny videos on YouTube, chatting with a friend, or playing your favorite sport or physical activity. This should be a designated time in the day that you do not think about classes, homework, work, or other obligations. Think of it as a mini vacation from your responsibilities to clear your head! You need this time to get away from the stress in your life and have a time during the day that is strictly for making you a happier and more mentally healthy student!

These may seem like things you do not have time in the day to do but I promise they are important for your success as a student and overall health! Try one or more of these steps and feel the stress melt away as you become more productive and less anxious! Good luck!


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