SSU Athletics

Hi friends!

Long time no blog! Hopefully you all have had a lovely few months back to school, given that we have had more snow days than school! If you haven’t enjoyed your time back, maybe you should change up your routine a bit!

The Salem State Athletic Department is very near and dear to my heart. As the manager for the Vikings Softball team, I spend an adequate amount of time at O’Keefe. I find that being involved with athletics really gives me a break from school and the stress that homework could bring. If you ever feel like you need an outlet, GO TRY OUT FOR A TEAM! Granted, it may be a little late to try out for a spring sport now, but you could always try and contact coaches and captains to get the details you need.

You could also attend the array of games that this school hosts! Home games are the best games, and the Vikings truly need the support of their fellow peers and classmates. Plus, there are so many cool opportunities for you at the games too! You can:

1. Win Free Stuff! Everyone loves a free t-shirt every once and a while!

2. Compete to win Gift Cards: Again, free! Just put the effort in and you could win a Sammy’s gift card OR a Tavern in the Square Gift Card! Poor college kid + free food = Pure Joy

3. Meet new people and expand your networks! You never know who you could bump into at home games. You could easily meet your next best friend (How I met one of mine, actually!) or possibly your soul mate (still waiting on that one..haha!)!

4. VIKING PRIDE! You being at the game supports the school! At SSU we bleed orange and blue! Come pitch in and enjoy the positive atmosphere. You may even get a picture with The Viking himself!!

Seriously, consider the above!

P.S. This spring, stop by and support both Women’s and Men’s lacrosse, Baseball, and Softball!


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